Contest Rules


  1. Bird species that can be unambiguously identified by sight or sound can be counted. Birders are encouraged to use both sight and sound wherever possible.
  2. Using Apps
    1. Apps may be used to help identify which species are in an area (audio), or to help identify characteristics which could distinguish one species from another (photos).
    2. Audio recordings and photos that an app identifies as a species are not sufficient evidence of a sighting on their own and will be rejected without further evidence.
  3. You may be asked for further evidence of a sighting that you count at the discretion of the judges.
  4. You will be asked for further evidence of a sighting that you count if the sighting is considered a rarity by the Big Day Boston Team.
  5. Further evidence of a sighting may include:
    1. photos
    2. song/call recording
    3. a detailed description that includes the rationale for ruling out similar species
  6. All checklists will be reviewed by the Big Day Boston Team. Final judgement of whether a sighting will be counted in the results is at the sole discretion of the The Big Day Boston Team.
  7. Use the provided checklist to record your sightings.

Teams and Individuals

  1. Birders may participate in Big Day Boston as a team or individual.
  2. If participating as a team all sightings must be observed by all members of the team. Teams may not split up and combine sightings.