Big Day Boston 2024

Event Date

Big Day Boston is back! Same as last year, the event will be headquartered at Copp's Hill Terrace.


A friendly birding competition to see who can spot the highest number of species in a single day in the core of Boston.


Check in/Awards/Info

All events other than birding itself (check in, kickoff, checklist submission, and awards) will take place at Copp’s Hill Terrace.

Copp’s Hill Terrace is the granite plaza overlooking Commercial Street and Langone Park. It is accessible from Commercial Street (via the granite stairs) or Charter Street.


Birding boundaries are within the neighborhoods of Beacon Hill, Charlestown, Chinatown, Downtown, the Leather District, the North End, and the West End - including the Common and the Public Garden. See map.

Getting there


There is no parking. There are several garages in the area if you plan on using a car to get there.


There are limited bike racks along Commercial Street and you may lock your bike to any sign/pole in the North End provided it leaves at least four feet of space.


Copp’s Hill Terrace is within easy walking distance of North Station, Aquarium, and Haymarket T stations.


Won’t have

  • Parking - There is no parking at Copp’s Hill Terrace.
  • Water - There is no water and most water fountains in the city will still be turned off in early May.

Will have

  • Restroom - There will be a porta potty at Copp’s Hill Terrace for use during and after the event.

Timeline of events

Big Day Boston Timeline of Events 2023

Check in - 9am-10am | Copp’s Hill Terrace

You must be registered to check in and you must check in to participate. You will be given a birding checklist (and a pencil) upon check in. Please have the username you used when creating your account ready when you check in.

We don’t know your real name or have any contact info for you other than your email address. Your checklist is reserved for you under your username - not your real name; which may be different.

Late check in  10am - 2pm | Copp’s Hill Terrace

You may check in at Copp’s Hill Terrace and pick up your checklist anytime up until 2pm. You may count birds you see before checking in as long as they qualify under the contest rules (notably: after 10am and within the contest boundaries). You will miss the opening remarks and kickoff if you choose late check in. Checking in prior to 10am is strongly encouraged.

Birding! - 10am - 4pm | Downtown Boston

Birding last for six hours. See the Map for boundaries and our FAQ page.

Checklists submitted - 2pm - 4pm | Copp’s Hill Terrace


We will have a rudimentary screen printing station set up. Bring a blank, light colored t-shirt if you would like us to make it into a Big Day Boston T-Shirt with the Big Day Boston logo!

What to bring

  • Water
  • Field guide
  • Lunch and Snacks
  • A blank t-shirt (for free screen printing)

Event Registrations

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